Theater show – La Volata di Calò

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

Background animation for the theater show “La Volata di Calò”, for Teatro Stabile di Catania. It’s the adaptation of a novel by G. Savatteri about the life and the dreams of the man who founded the Montante bike factory.
The prologue is set in a legendary market of the shadows imagined by the protagonist when he was still a child, so director Fabio Grossi asked me to aid the narration with my animations.

▶ My video of falling rocks goes viral

Mt. Etna decided to spit tons of volcanic rocks and ashes onto my town. I was there filming the event, and eventually this video went viral. It was reposted on Liveleak, IO9, reddit and several other websites.
Too bad it’s filmed with a toy camera!