Lost in the Woulds

I don’t play video games anymore, but I’ve always been fascinated by their hybrid nature, crossing artistic expression and a constant push for technical evolution.
When I was a kid and the Commodore 64 was popular, game making had just become accessible to everyone.
Now that the video game industry is larger than all the other entertainment industries combined, games contain universes, and spending time making a small game might feel pointless. However, these days ‘indie’ game development is thriving, its community is very active, and the resources required do make a game by yourself are freely available online.
I can make things move on a screen, tell the computer what to do, make it beep.
And I had a story to tell. A journey that’s emotional, profound, dramatic, and darkly mysterious.

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Procedural Circular Animations

I always found generative art mesmerizing, so I experimented with a few JavaScript rendering libraries to create something of my own.

Click on the images to launch the real-time animations

The first one is created with the impressive rendering library PIXI.js. The other three are drawn with Two.js, which defaults to a SVG output.

Earboard – Web App

Earboard is an ear trainer for musicians whose purpose is to generate note intervals to play along with. Its layout is modeled on the fretboards and standard tuning of stringed instruments like guitar and bass.

See it in action here: Earboard

It’s a responsive JavaScript web app. Source code

HTML5 interactive banners

I worked a few months for Tag Worldwide producing interactive and animated HTML5 banners for Nike, Sony, Jameson Irish Whiskey, HTC, Argos, Boots, Amazon.
Flash was cool, but the 2000s are over.

AXE/Lynx ads

I designed and animated a series of rich media creatives for AXE/Lynx, for digital agency AddictivePixel at BBH, London.