Toys and Circuits

My ever-growing selection of original toys, electronic circuits and innovative musical instruments. All product designs are open source and are provided with code and schematics.


Lo-fi electronic version of a marimba or handpan. Touch-enabled, with multiple tunings, pitch bending and Midi out.


micro:bit keypad synth with detuning.

A quirky musical toy that uses tilting to alter the pitch of the notes being played.


Arduino-controlled kids’ audio player.

Multilingual, battery-powered audio player that’s extremely simple to operate thanks to NFC tags embedded into microcassette-style cards.


Repurposing a landline telephone into a music jukebox with an Mp3 player. Specific tracks are played by typing their number on the keypad.


A revamped synth engine for a toy keyboard, with instrument presets and Midi out.


Arduino-based drum sequencer and drum machine.
Just tap a rhythm on its touch sensors and it will start looping the sequence right away.



A portable, battery-powered polyphonic synth with onboard speaker and audio out.

It’s designed to be a companion to small USB Midi keyboards.


A visual and haptic metronome, an aid for musicians.

Unlike traditional metronomes, it keeps the tempo by vibrating and blinking its LEDs.

The Electronic Box

A DIY STEM kit to let kids play with basic electronic components. It’s filled with switches, toggles, potentiometers, and LEDs. It also features a tone generator, a timer, a motor, and a photoresistor.

ESP8266 Weather Station

My contribution to an open source device that acts as a weather station, displaying real-time weather and astronomy data, forecasts and room temperature.

Wooden ambulance with siren

Ambulance with a siren and two alternating LEDs.

Will be used to rescue wounded toys.

LED dice

LED runner with LDR and sound. Press the button to roll and release it to get a number.

Uses a 555 timer and a CD4017 decade counter.

Voice changer toy

Lo-fi sampler with pitch/speed modulation.

You can sound like a chipmunk or a monster in a cave!


A set of building blocks, a modular construction toy.

All the blocks have the same shape, and can be connected to one another in many different ways.