LED dice – LED runner with LDR and sound

LED runners are circuits where LEDs turn on one at a time in a sequence.
I made one with a twist, turning it into an electronic dice: you press the button to roll and release it to get a number.
There’s also a speaker that emits a ticking sound and a light dependent resistor to control the speed of the run. It’s very slow in a dark room, and extremely fast in the sunlight.

The signal originates from a 555 timer, whose output triggers a CD4017 decade counter (and the speaker, in parallel).
As an enclosure I used a wooden domino box, and the little animal figures you see in the pictures are erasers, just for decoration.
Rather than from one to six, the possible outcomes of my circuit range from zero to five. If you are building this and want a 6th LED, just connect it to the counter’s Q5 pin, and leave Q6 connected to RESET.
The LEDs can share a single 470k resistor since they’re lit only one at a time.

For a future version of this project I would use a capacitor to ease out the roll after the push button is released.