Internationalized ESP8266 Weather Station

A device that acts as a weather station, displaying real-time weather and astronomy data, forecasts and room temperature.

The original design and code of this project has to be credited to ThingPulse.
I reworked an existing fork of that code, the German version by Mario Ammerschuber.
Mario’s optimizations included, among other things, a captive portal Wifi manager, which is great to avoid hardcoding a Wifi name and password and therefore making the device more portable.

My code has been tested on two different development boards (A NodeMCU and a D1 mini)

My contribution is focused on internationalization: I created the Italian version, and speakers of a different language can easily localize all the displayed text by editing a single list of strings.
I also set up the weather station to use a push-button instead of touchscreen controls, and added a DS18B20 Temperature sensor to display internal temperature alongside the weather data pulled live from OpenWeatherMap.

If you want to build one, you can find the source code and more development notes here: