Lost in the Woulds

I don’t play video games anymore, but I’ve always been fascinated by their hybrid nature, crossing artistic expression and a constant push for technical evolution.
When I was a kid and the Commodore 64 was popular, game making had just become accessible to everyone.
Now that the video game industry is larger than all the other entertainment industries combined, games contain universes, and spending time making a small game might feel pointless. However, these days ‘indie’ game development is thriving, its community is very active, and the resources required do make a game by yourself are freely available online.
I can make things move on a screen, tell the computer what to do, make it beep.
And I had a story to tell. A journey that’s emotional, profound, dramatic, and darkly mysterious.

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I worked on the UX/UI and brand identity for Picbag, a visual organization app at prototype stage.

Picbag lets users collect inspiration, intelligently tag and sort photos and image snippets, and create moodboards they can share.

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Taormina Jazz Festival

Every summer since 2010 my family and I, together with the cultural association Taormina Jazz, have been organizing the Taormina Jazz Festival.

Of the artists presented, some play traditional jazz, while others dedicated their musical research to more experimental forms.
We’ve had David Kikoski, Ed Howard and Nasheet Waits,
Kurt Elling, Charlie Hunter and Derrek Phillips, Kenny Werner, The Bad Plus, and many others.

I curated part of PR and the brand identity of the festival and produced several posters, program booklets and promotional videos.

Material design illustrations

I designed a large set of illustrations for the CIPD Profession Map.

This project was the perfect opportunity to represent the many diversities of inclusive workplaces, while challenging common stereotypes regarding gender, ethnicity, age, physical abilities.

We went beyond the avoidance of preconceptions to appeal to a global audience – it was a conscious use of illustration as an unbiased brand language to speak for the professional values promoted by the campaign.

The people I was asked to draw are not just neutral models. They are active characters, interacting with each other, often displaying a hierarchy or relationship of power.

Procedural Circular Animations

I always found generative art mesmerizing, so I experimented with a few JavaScript rendering libraries to create something of my own.

Click on the images to launch the real-time animations

The first one is created with the impressive rendering library PIXI.js. The other three are drawn with Two.js, which defaults to a SVG output.

Earboard – Web App

Earboard is an ear trainer for musicians whose purpose is to generate note intervals to play along with. Its layout is modeled on the fretboards and standard tuning of stringed instruments like guitar and bass.

See it in action here: Earboard

It’s a responsive JavaScript web app. Source code

Six Capitals

Illustrations of the six capitals observed by Integrated Reporting: Financial, Manufactured, Intellectual, Human, Social and relationship, Natural.
The report they appear in is part of the Valuing your Talent research conducted by the CIPD and CIMA.

▶ LMO – Motion Graphics

Art direction and animation of a teaser video for an upcoming survey report by the CIPD, which inspired the space observation metaphor.
Animated in After Effects with a lot of custom expressions.

▶ Health and Well-being – Motion Graphics

Art direction, illustration and animation of a motion graphics video and related engagement media for a research report by CIPD on how HR can develop organisations with well-being at their core for happier, healthier, sustainable business.

▶ Valuing your Talent – Motion Graphics

Art direction, illustration and animation of the teaser video and engagement media for Valuing your Talent – a collaborative, industry-led movement helping organizations realize the full potential of their workforce through understanding and measuring the impact and contribution of people to business performance.
Motion graphics. Part of a larger series of animated creatives.

HTML5 interactive banners

I worked a few months for Tag Worldwide producing interactive and animated HTML5 banners for Nike, Sony, Jameson Irish Whiskey, HTC, Argos, Boots, Amazon.
Flash was cool, but the 2000s are over.

AXE/Lynx ads

I designed and animated a series of rich media creatives for AXE/Lynx, for digital agency AddictivePixel at BBH, London.

Theater show – La Volata di Calò

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

Background animation for the theater show “La Volata di Calò”, for Teatro Stabile di Catania. It’s the adaptation of a novel by G. Savatteri about the life and the dreams of the man who founded the Montante bike factory.
The prologue is set in a legendary market of the shadows imagined by the protagonist when he was still a child, so director Fabio Grossi asked me to aid the narration with my animations.


This archived content does not reflect my current skills

Mural in Lizzano, Puglia (Italy) for Sferracavalli Festival.
Pictures by Rudere, Nico Westlicht.

▶ Tigers’ Orchestra

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

Mural for a new kindergarten in Taormina, Sicily.
The idea of an orchestra of tigers had been floating in my mind for a while, and this kindergarten was the perfect opportunity to paint it out.
It’s my largest wall so far, roughly 40×4 meters (about 130×13 ft).
The seventeen instruments, left to right: accordion, saxophone, Italian bagpipe, sousaphone, harmonica, drum, trumpet, cymbals, triangle, guitar, piano, tracker, double bass, violin, flute, harp, didgeridoo.

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▶ 3D acting: the wrong move

This archived content does not reflect my current skills

A 3D-animated piece of acting was really missing from my portfolio. This was also the first time I animated a lipsync in Blender.
Eleven is the name of the rig. It’s open source and available for free at
The closest thing to this I had ever done was a puppeteering performance. The “rig” only had three “controllers”, and no, I couldn’t have him to blink.

Direct link: MP4 WEBM

Reference acting